• What is Bookingbility?
    Bookingbility.com is a website for searching and booking suitable properties for people with special needs and disabled people.

  • When will be have the final version of Bookingbility?

    We are still developing Bookingbility.com, but we are sure that in a few months we will be online.

  • Why is Bookingbility special?
    Bookingbility.com will host just suitable properties for people with special needs. For instance you will find properties suitable for travelers in a wheelchair who also love sports, for elderly people needing dedicated assistance, for blind people who want to travel with their pet and so on.

  • How do you select the properties?

    All the properties will be checked before registering to our website and they will be validate and then listed along their degree of accessibility. Everything to make happy the travelers that will choose us to design their next stay.

  • I am the owner of a property suitable for people with special needs, how do I register to Bookingbility?

    The website is now under construction, but if you want to join Bookingbility.com you can register clicking here and then be ready to join a great project of tourism for all!

  • I am a traveler with special needs and I can’t wait to have you online!

    This is the same for us: we can’t wait to be online and we are working hard to give you a great browsing experience! Register to our newsletter by clicking here to keep in touch or suggest a property you already visited by clicking here.

  • I represent an organization for for all tourism and I am interested in the project.

    We are working very hard to help the organizations as yours, so please contact us immediately by clicking here and we will answer to you as soon as possible.

  • I am the owner of a property that is not suitable for people with special needs but I am interested in your project.

    Oh no! Bookingbility.com just hosts properties that are suitable for people with special needs. Anyway we want to help you! Contact us by clicking here and we may talk, we are certain that by studying the case and with a lot of good will, every property has the chance to host people with special needs.

  • What do you mean with “special needs”?

    Who does not have special needs? But there is for sure a group of people that has problems in finding easily properties suitable for their needs. This is the reasong why Bookingbility.com is born, to host all the properties without architectural barriers suitable for hosting people with reduced mobility, properties with rooms furnished with disabled bathrooms, or patterns for blind people, or devices for deaf people, properties offering assistance for eldery people, soundproof rooms and every feature that could be precious for many travelers.

  • Is it free?

    Of course! To join Bookingbility.com it is free for anyone.

  • I want to help you, support you, give you a piece of advice!

    Cheers! Contact us immediately by clicking here, we are waiting for you.

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