The project

A newborn project, dedicated to for all tourism, to holidays and stays for disabled or people with special needs.
Anybody can easily book hotel rooms, b&b, holiday houses and any other type of property in a few clics. But how many of these properties could be defined as accessible, namely ready to host anyone?

But what is accessibility? The Italian law has precise prescriptions for this term.
We can describe accessibility as the easiness for any person to accede buildings, areas and devices independently, safely and without any special problem.

Accessible properties for all

There can be few or many properties like these, but we want to make the research and the booking of properties suitable for people with special needs easy and quick for all.
The most famous online travel agencies allow easily to find hotel rooms, b&b, holiday houses and any other type of property, for any budget. But just a very small percentage of these structures is ready to host disabled people or people with special needs.

This is the reason why Bookingbility is born, a new online travel agency dedicated to the properties suitable for any traveler with special needs. Inside our website you will just find accessible properties mirroring the guidelines of Bookingbility. today

In April 2015 Bookingbility has won the first prize at Start Up Weekend Tourism Edition in Palermo and the incubation at Consorzio Arca, the business incubator of the University of Palermo.
In May we answered the call of TIM #WCAP and Bookingbility has been selected among more than 1000 participants to be embedded inside its incubation program at their Catania offices, receiving a startup grant by TIM.

Do you want to know more? Read our questions and answers.

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