Second Workshop

The welcome for all

"The welcome for all" is the second workshop that took place on Tuesday, December 6, at the Hotel Mercure Centro in Palermo. A training event organized by Bookingbility together with Federalberghi Palermo to find accommodation providers and accommodation managers all the opportunities Of accessible tourism.
The aim of the workshop was to understand what special needs are like to welcome people with disabilities and special needs, what are the barriers (not just architectural) and how to overcome them.
Focus is also important on how to identify the characteristics that make a structure suitable to support some types of need. In fact, there may be architectural barriers that prevent people from entering the wheelchair, but may be suitable for accommodating people with other types of need.

It introduced the workshop the President of Federalberghi Nicola Farruggio. Speakers of the Annalisa Riggio event, founder and Eleonora Vaiana, Hotel Account Manager Find out more

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